May God bless you!

Thank you to all of my friends and devoted Pom and/or
Yorkie lovers who have purchased a Pomeranian or Yorkshire
Terrier from me and taken them to caring and loving homes.

To Tim & Sue Goddard for letting me breed my females to
your AKC CHAMPION MALES to improve the quality, coat,
and conformation of my Poms.  You have tirelessly given of
your time, knowledge, support, patience and friendship.
I wish to thank you for the sharing of your various talents
with me and also for the encouragement and support I have
received from both of you.  I love and appreciate Mrs. Sue
and Mr. Tim Goddard of Tim/Sue Poms.  Mrs. Sue's loving
family, devoted friends and the Pomeranian community, lost a
wonderful, precious lady when Mrs. Sue Goddard passed to be
with the Lord.

I also want to let everyone know how much I appreciate
Kathy Kelly entrusting her beautiful Pomeranians with me.
I sincerely love you and thank you for having the confidence
in me and for giving me the chance to purchase your
wonderful males and females that you worked so hard to
obtain.  I will do my best to carry on the white, cream and
black & tan breeding program that you strived for.
Janet & Gary Stewart
140 Mayo Road - Trout, Louisiana  71371
(318) 992~5718 Home, 312~3777 Cell or 992~1162 Fax
Royalty Yorkie &
Pomeranian Puppies
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Thanks To these Special People