Our puppies are whelped in our home and are well socialized.  They are very friendly
and have loving personalities.  They have been wormed numerous times and all of their
vaccinations are up to date.  Our mission is to provide you with a healthy, beautifully
coated and sound structured companion that will give you years of love and devotion
when cared for properly.  We place all of our puppies or dogs in loving homes ~

We talk to all of the potential owners who want to adopt one of our beautiful loving
puppies or dogs, no matter the size puppy or dog you choose.  We all have our own
preferences as to the size our cute little puppy will grow to become an adult dog.
Some people would like to adopt a Teacup or Pocket puppy but these extra tiny
puppies or dogs need to go to a special home where someone is always there to
care for them properly.  These extra tiny ones have to eat a high quality dog food
numerous times during the day to thrive properly.

The coat, bite, structure, stance, head-set, tail-set, approximate size when grown and
other factors are the way that we arrive at the prices of our puppies and/or dogs.  Please
understand that the smaller they are and the less they weigh at 8 weeks of age,
normally, the more expensive they are to adopt.  Most everyone wants an extra tiny
puppy but they are a tremendous challenge to raise.

We raise our own puppies and we do not sell our puppies to pet stores.  We are not
brokers so we do NOT place puppies from, or for, other breeders.  If one of our males is
the sire to a litter of puppies that belong to a good friend, those puppies might be on this
website to adopt.

All of our dogs are registered with the
American Kennel Club and we register
most all of our puppies with AKC, which in our opinion, is the top of the line registry and
the best kennel club in the United States for show dogs, breeders, and pets.  We have
dual registered some of our dogs with
American's Pet Registry, Inc. and have also
registered litters with APRI, as they are also a nice kennel club founded by pet lovers for
pet lovers.  If you prefer to register your new puppy with another kennel club, you can
register any of our puppies with any other kennel club registry, as AKC is so well
revered that it is accepted by all other kennel club registries.  AKC will not accept
paperwork from most of the other registries.

We know what the AKC standard states & that both of these breeds are in the
Toy Group:
Yorkshire Terriers average weight is from 4 to 7 pounds.
Pomeranians average weight is from 3 to 7 pounds.

In the past, we have raised puppies that were totally healthy and have only grown to
1 1/2 pounds at 18 months old.  When a puppy is young, we have a chart that we look at
to help us determine the size a Yorkie or Pomeranian will be at 18 months old.  The chart
that we use is widely used by breeders but please remember that there are always
different factors that affect the size of the dog when grown.  No breeder can guarantee
size but we can give you a fairly accurate estimate.

This is my scale for dogs that are 18 months old and are normally full grown:
Pocket (Micro) ~ ranges between 2 ~ 2 1/2 pounds at maturity
Teacup (Tea Cup, T-Cup) ~ ranges between 2 9/16 ~ 4 pounds at maturity
Tiny Toy ~ ranges between 4 1/16 ~ 5 1/2 pounds at maturity
Toy ~ ranges between 5 9/16 ~ 7 pounds at maturity
Miniature ~ ranges between 7 1/16 ~ 10+ pounds at maturity

We produce Pomeranian puppies in a variety of colors, such as:  White, Cream, Cream
Sable, Black, Black & Tan, Orange, Orange Sable, Red, Red Sable, Sable and an
occasional Wolf Sable.   In the past, we have produced Brindle, Beaver, Blue, Blue & Tan,
Black & Silver, Chocolate, and Chocolate & Tan.  We are also producing Parti-color Pom
puppies in a variety of colors, such as:  Chocolate Parti-color, Orange Parti-color,
Chocolate & Orange Tri-Parti-color and Black Parti-color.  Parti-color to us, means white
with spots of beautiful color.

We produce Yorkshire Terrier puppies in a variety colors, such as:  Blue & Tan, Blue &
Gold, Black & Gold, and Black & Tan.
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