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We prefer to ship our puppies with Continental Airline, but we have also shipped with
Delta Airline and Northwest Airline.  I do not believe we have access to shipping with
Northwest Airline, at this time.  I have shipped with Continental Airline and Delta Airline
with great success.

We know what the AKC standard states & that both of these breeds are in the
Toy Group":  The average weight of a Yorkshire Terrier is from 4 to 7 pounds
and the average weight of a Pomeranian is from 3 to 7 pounds.

We have so many people call us and request a Pocket (Micro), Teacup (Tea Cup,
T-Cup), Tiny Toy, Toy, or Miniature size puppy.  This is one way of stating the size
difference of a puppy or dog that most people like to use.  We are aware that a
Pomeranian and/or a Yorkshire Terrier are classified in the Toy Group and they are all
"Toy" canines.

Some people would like to adopt a Pocket* or tiny Teacup puppy but these extra tiny
puppies or dogs need to go to a special home where someone is always there to care
for them properly.  These extra tiny ones have to eat a high quality dog food numerous
times during the day to thrive properly.

We would greatly appreciate that a 3-4 month old Pocket* puppy, depending on its size,
be picked up at our home so we meet with you personally.  If the Pocket* puppy is 4
months old or older, it can be shipped using Continental Airlines, only.

My Veterinarian prefers that we wait to ship any puppy until it is at least 1 1/2 lbs.  
Please understand that this is our approximate shipping schedule due to the size of the
puppy and how the puppy is eating.

We prefer to ship our dogs using this criteria:
Pocket (Micro)* puppy when they are 16 weeks old or older
(8-13 ozs @ 8 weeks will be about 2-2 1/2 lbs.
at maturity)

Teacup (Tea Cup, T-Cup) puppy when they are 12-14 weeks old
(14-21 ozs @ 8 weeks will be about 2 9/16-4 lbs.
at maturity)

Tiny Toy puppy when they are 10-12 weeks old
(22-29 ozs @ 8 weeks will be about 4 1/16-5 1/2 lbs. at maturity)

Toy puppy when they are 9-11 weeks old
(30-39 ozs @ 8 weeks will be about 5 9/16-7 lbs. at maturity)

Miniature puppy when they are 8-10 weeks old
(40 ozs or more @ 8 weeks will be about 7 1/16-10+ lbs. at maturity)

Each puppy or dog we ship will come with a Health Certificate from our
Veterinarian, a travel crate with dog food attached (enough food for at least a
week), their AKC (Full or Limited) registration papers or APRI registration papers,
their Vaccination shot/worming record, and a 5-generation pedigree.  If they are about
4 months of age or older, the airlines require that the puppy or dog has a Rabies shot
before boarding the plane.  These puppies or dogs will arrive at their new home with
their Rabies tag indicating their Rabies shot has already been administered by our
Veterinarian.  Our Veterinarian will state, in writing on the Health Certificate, that the
Rabies shot has been administered and/or a Rabies Certificate of Vaccination.
Flight Information
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