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STATE ____________________ ZIP __________ EMAIL ____________________________________

HOME PHONE ________________________________ CELL _________________________________

Breed ____________________ RK’s # _______________ AKC/APRI Reg. # _____________________

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DAM ___________________________________________     AKC Reg. # _______________________

Birth date _____________  Sex _______  Color ______________  Full/Limit Reg _____  Quality ______

Selling Price ______________     Shipping price ______________     Total Price ___________________


If your puppy (canine), in the opinion of your Veterinarian, has any physical problem which makes it a
poor health risk, we will provide you with a healthy replacement puppy (canine).

To make your claim for a replacement puppy (canine), bring or ship your puppy (canine) back the same
day or the next day after the Veterinarian examination.  You must also include a signed statement from
your veterinarian showing the date of which the puppy (canine) was examined, and stating why the puppy
(canine) was a poor health risk.  This statement must include a description of the symptoms supporting
that opinion and I reserve the right to take this puppy (canine) to my Veterinarian for verification.

BUYER: ________________________________________                Date: _______________

                                  GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS                                   Page 2 of 2

1.  If you choose a replacement puppy (canine) which has a retail price greater than your original puppy      
(canine), you will, of course, pay the difference.                                                                                  
2.  You qualify for a replacement puppy (canine) ONLY for the reasons and in the manner stated here.         
3.  You, as the buyer, are purchasing a pet puppy (canine), therefore, we do not warranty that you will be    
able to show or breed this puppy (canine).                                                                                          
4.  We assume no responsibility for any change of mind on the new owner’s part, such as:  Landlord           
disapproval, allergies, family disagreements, etc.                                                                                 
5.  If your child or children drops, kicks or mistreats this puppy (canine) any way or it gets run over or       
runs away - I am not responsible and NO replacement puppy (canine) will be given.                         
6.  If you are returning a puppy (canine) for a replacement, you must return all registration applications       
to register the puppy (canine) that was delivered to you.  Before a replacement puppy (canine) is      
provided, you must sign and return to us, all papers necessary to transfer ownership of the puppy       
(canine) back to us.                                                                                                                                
7.  This warranty contains information showing the health care and treatment of your puppy (canine), while
your veterinarian may rely upon this information.                                                                                 
8.  We are NOT responsible for any payment of veterinarian’s fees for examination, drugs, X-rays or other
treatment, etc.                                                                                                                                        
9.  If you wish to make a claim, you must bring this warranty with you.                                                          
10. I have given the puppy (canine) that you are purchasing, the necessary vaccines for the puppy's              
(canine's) health and the puppy (canine) is in good health at the time of purchase.  The puppy (canine)
will come with a Health Certificate from the Veterinarian stating to the health of the puppy (canine).   
The vaccines are listed on their individual Vaccination and Worming Record, with the vaccine labels
included.  Please understand that a Veterinarian or Breeder can not guarantee against Parvo or           
Corona, even after necessary vaccines have been routinely given.  The above stated puppy (canine)   
will need follow up vaccines at your Veterinarian, per your Veterinarian's instructions.                      
11. A.K.C. or A. P. R. I. Registration Papers are guaranteed to be delivered to Buyer.  Most registration     
papers are mailed the day the puppy (canine) is shipped, but if not, please allow a minimum of 2       
weeks after receipt of puppy (canine).                                                                                                   
                                              SELLER: _______________________________________________
                                                         Royalty Kennel Owner or Authorized Representative

This written agreement is the entire agreement between the buyer and the seller of this puppy (canine), as
signed, concerning the health condition or loss of the puppy (canine) purchased today.  I have read these
LIMITED WARRANTIES, including the General Terms and Conditions of which I understand and accept.

BUYER: _____________________________________________            Date: ___________________

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