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Our home is nestled on 3 acres of land in Trout, Louisiana.  
We are located about 45 minutes northeast of Alexandria,
which is in the central part of our state.  Gary & I were
happily married on July 26, 1974.  We have had fun together
for 36 years, and we hope to have another 36 years together.
We have two beautiful daughters ~ Michelle & Lori.  Our girls
are grown now and have families of their own.  We love our
three grandchildren & wish we could be with them all the time!

In 1987, we purchased three AKC Tiny Toy Poodles and bred
the females for about 3 years.  We decided that tiny puppies
were too much to handle with our two growing girls.  We held
off breeding dogs for 8 years even though I loved caring for
and watching the puppies grow.  We purchased two beautiful
Pomeranian females, late 1993 and in June of 1997.  With my
Veterinarian's blessing, we decided to breed both of them in
September 1998. That was the start of Royalty Poms.

In August 1999, we purchased two Yorkshire Terrier female
puppies with the intention of breeding them when they were two
years of age.  We decided they were not the quality to produce
puppies so we placed them in a loving home.  In August 2001,
we purchased a Yorkshire Terrier adult female that became our
foundation female.  That was the start of Royalty Yorkies.

We are a small breeder of AKC Pomeranians (Poms) &
AKC Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies).  Our goal is to produce
sound, healthy, beautiful puppies with excellent temperaments
that meets the standard set forth by the American Kennel Club.
 We register most of our litters with AKC.

In the past, I enjoyed a membership in the La Cajun
Pomeranian Club of Louisiana, Inc. until it disbanded several
years ago.  Previous members may have tried to start meeting
again but I am unsure if the club is active.

All of our breedings are thoughtfully planned.  We study and
evaluate each of our dog's lineage through pedigrees.  We also
study our dogs for type of coat, structure, bite, stance,
patellas (knees), head set, tail set, gait, and temperament.  We
are striving for the finest quality and superior lineage possible
with each litter produced.  The results of these breedings,
which exude the type and quality that we desire, are retained
and enter into our breeding program and/or will hopefully
someday go on to their show career.  We do occasionally have
puppies available for show homes.  We also have quality
puppies that are looking for love and will be placed in a suitable
pet home.  These puppies will make wonderful companions and
give you years of love and devotion when cared for properly.

The name for our breeding program is
"Royalty Yorkie & Pomeranian Puppies" but our website is
The "or" is in the web link because we want everyone to know
that we do NOT breed our AKC Pomeranian and our AKC
Yorkies together to produce a crossbreed, hybrid or
"designer breed" dog, as some breeders want to call them.
Please Note: A hybrid dog is not a BREED.  It is a hybrid,
which means it is a mix of more than one purebred dog.
A dog hybrid, is a crossbreed of two or more different
recognized breeds of dog.

Here at Royalty Yorkie & Pomeranian Puppies, we ONLY
produce purebred dogs or puppies.  You can rest assured that
the dog or puppy that we place with you, is an AKC purebred
Janet & Gary Stewart
140 Mayo Road - Trout, Louisiana  71371
(318) 992~5718 Home, 312~3777 Cell or 992~1162 Fax
Royalty Yorkie &
Pomeranian Puppies
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Gary & I
married on
July 26,'74.
We have
had fun
together for
36 years
and we
hope to
another 36
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